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A new concept with mini challenges, dynamic and cooperative, accessible to all, a little sporty and non-violent.

Varied and timed challenges (+/- 4mn) developing 3 skills:

  • Intellect: Musical memory, Letter Floor, Laser Reflections…
  • Agility: Laser maze, Punching wall, Fun in the barn…
  • Fitness: Just do it!, Pilates ball pool, mini Foot & Basketball…

Teams of 2 to 6 players must complete all challenges in a minimum time to earn maximum points depending on the level of difficulty.

Each player has a skill to develop, to help the group finish the challenge together, and this in competition with other teams!


The game: equipped with a laser gun, the goal is to shoot at your opponents and avoid getting hit in the maze. Don’t worry, the game is safe and harmless.

From 2 to 30 players, solo or in teams, develop tactics and team strategy, fun, adrenaline and surprises guaranteed. 

Become a superhero and gain super powers in a 500m² space maze that will put your head in the stars.

The only game where you can shoot your boss without risking hurting him or getting fired. Scores and ranking, where you will discover your worst enemy and your favourite target

A crazy team game with unforgettable memories

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Visit Brussels while running!

City Runs invites you to discover Brussels while jogging!
A partnership between City runs and Space Fun Games allows you to combine the two activities at reduced prices

2 routes are available to you:

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