Encourage you to move and practice sport, all with joy and good humor!

A perfect experience for family outings, with colleagues, or with friends.

Immerse yourself in an exceptional adventure and discover our unique games. Get ready to experience joyful and memorable moments.

Our actions for a sustainable world

Ecological Experiences

We think about EHS, Environment-Health-Safety

We are committed to promoting entertainment while respecting the principles of environment, hygiene and safety, thereby contributing to a healthier and safer future for all.

Discover our activities designed with a commitment to the environment.
At Space Fun Games, we pride ourselves on our eco-responsible approach.

We use energy-efficient technologies to minimize our carbon footprint, while delivering engaging experiences.

Immerse yourself in a unique adventure where pleasure combines with the preservation of our planet.

Energy saving

Our facilities are equipped with innovative technologies to minimize energy consumption, thus contributing to the preservation of natural resources.

Sustainable Mobility

Opt for sustainable mobility with our free parking and environmentally friendly transport options to get to us.

Zero Waste

We are committed to waste minimization and sorting. Together for a greener world!

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