Why come to the Space Fun Games for your kids?

To bring them together, to move, to let off steam and to make them cooperate as a team! 

To reinforce group cohesion and make great memories between teachers and students! And to end this year on a positive note because your students deserve it! 

Really collective activities for the whole class 

  • Space Team Games: a new dynamic and cooperative concept
  • Space Laser Games: a 500 m² space maze 2.0 

A space of 1.000 m2 accessible in the center of Brussels 

  • 700 m² of indoor games for ALL (from 7 years and 10 years)
  • 300 m² reception area with bar, birthday room and arcade games
  • Open 7/7 whatever the weather : Heated, ventilated and air-conditioned

An ideal solution for youth outings

  1. Fun and cooperative activities accessible to all 
  2. Competitive: from 13€ per person for 40mn of Laser Games or 1H of Team Games (11,50€ from 2000€ of ticket purchased minimum 1 month before the reservation)
  3. Complimentary grenadine and water and a snack machine for those who are hungry 
  4. A birthday room with the possibility to bring your own snacks 
  5. Accessible location in the center of Brussels from the metro, streetcar and train stations, close to the main roads and with free parking, minimizing travel time and costs
  6. Our laser game can also move to your place (to be confirmed)

Energizing and crazy activities to improve team spirit while having fun SPACE TEAM GAMES

The Game : A new concept with 11 mini Escape Games, dynamic and cooperative, accessible to all, a little sporty and non-violent, to fill up with action!  (from 10 years old) 

Price: from 13€ per person for 1 hour of Team Games (11,50€ from 2000€ of ticket purchased at least 1 month before the reservation)

Varied and timed challenges (+/- 4mn) developing their skills: 

  • Thinking: Musical Memory, Letter Floor, Laser Reflections…
  • Action: Just do it!, Pilates ball pool, Soccer, Basketball…
  • Agility: Laser Maze, Punching Wall, Fun in the Barn…
  • Cooperation: Time management, communication, coordination 

Teams of 2 to 6 players have to succeed in 11 challenges in a minimum of time, to win a maximum of points according to the level of difficulty.
Each player has skills to develop, to help the group finish the challenge together, in competition with other teams!


The game: equipped with a laser, the goal is to shoot at your opponents and avoid being hit in the maze.
From 2 to 30 players, solo or in team, develop tactics and team strategy, adrenalin at the top and surprises at the turn.

Price: from 13€ per person for 40mn of Laser Games (11,50€ from 2000€ of ticket purchased minimum 1 month before the reservation)
They will become superheroes by gaining super powers in a 500m² space maze that will put their heads in the stars.
The only game where you can shoot your students and teachers without risking a detention 

A crazy team game with unforgettable memories!

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